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  1. May Bank Holiday Boot Fair!

    DSC_0040 - Copy

    Date:       Saturday 27 May, 2017

    Time:      10.00 – 4.00pm

     Venue:    RAF Manston Spitfire & Hurricane Museum – Coach Park

    Charge:   £10 per plot ( 3m x 1.5m) in advance, £15 on the day. To book a space, phone the museum on 01843 821 940 or email: Be quick as there are only limited spaces!

     A boot fair for local people at reasonable time. All the profits go to the Spitfire Museum to raise funds to install a Spitfire Simulator at the museum! Come and visit our museum and who knows, you may even pick up a bargain or two!! 

  2. Fundraising Success!!


    Dear Visitors, Sponsors and Donors,

    Last year towards the end of August, the Spitfire Museum was in dire straits as a result in falling visitor numbers, falling sales and falling donations. It was a very bleak situation indeed….

    However, we are pleased to announce that, thanks to a surprise legacy made to the museum and the dramatic response from all our supporters online and off-line, the Museum has secured the funding required to cover the £20k shortfall from last year!

    This means that we can remain open for free for at least another whole year!!

    That said, donations still make up the core of the Museum’s funding, so please continue to donate generously.

    Finally, from all of us here at the museum, we would like to say a massive thank you to all those who continue to support the work we do. “Let’s keep the Spitfire Museum flying”!!


    The Spitfire Museum



    Dear Visitors,

    Please be aware that the RAF Manston Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum and Merlin Cafeteria will be closed this Monday 24 April, 2017 all day.

    This is due to essential maintenance taking place on the electrical grid.

    The museum and cafe will be open as usual from Tuesday 25th April onward.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you in advance for your understanding.



  4. Easter Egg Hunt at the Spitfire Museum!


    Looking for something to do this Easter weekend?

    If so, the Spitfire Museum is the place to be as we will be holding our very own Easter Egg trail with a twist.

    Each “Easter Egg” features the photo of a famous aviator, if you can list all nine you win a prize (and learn something too)!!

    Come join us at the museum this weekend (14-17 April) and have a go at our Easter Egg trail. Volunteers and cafe staff will be happy to help!

    Wishing you all a happy Easter from the Spitfire Museum.

  5. The Manston Spitfire – 72nd Anniversary Event on 19 March!


    Manston Spitfire Anniversary 2017 Leaflet A5 - Page 1 - for Web

    The Spitfire Museum is holding a one day celebratory event to make the 72nd anniversary of the first operational flight of the ‘Manston Spitfire’ on Sunday 19 March, 2017.

    The event is free of charge, but all donations are very gratefully received and go towards running the Museum and improving our visitor services.

    Please note that all car parking (apart from disabled) is on the northern grass. Please refer to the photos above and below for a list of what’s on and directions to the car park.

    The Spitfire Museum would like to thank the following for supporting our event:

    Stone Hill Park Limited, Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, Powermain Limited and Kent Events.

    We look forward to seeing all our visitors and supporters on the 19th.

    Manston Spitfire Anniversary 2017 Leaflet A5 - Page 2 - for Web




  6. Merlin cafe closed 09 & 10 January 2017 for works


    Dear Visitors,


    Please be aware that the Merlin Cafeteria will be closed on:


    Monday 9 January & Tuesday 10 January 2017


    This is to allow for major works to be undertaken to improve the dining facilities in the cafeteria.


    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

  7. Visit from the Le Musée Spitfire of Florennes

    L to R: Jean Claude, Jeremy (trustee), Trevor (trustee), Robert (trustee), Xavier and Rosa (trustee)

    L to R: Jean Claude, Jeremy (trustee), Trevor (trustee), Robert (trustee), Xavier and Rosa (trustee)

    The Spitfire & Hurricane Museum was very pleased to have received a most special visit on the 12th of November by Messrs. Jean-Claude Toubeau of the Chimay Twinning Association and Col. Xavier Janssens (retd.), founder of the Musée Mémorial Spitfire in Florennes, near Chimay.

    Xavier, having been inspired by a 1981 visit to the RAF Manston Spitfire &Hurricane Memorial Museum (he flew into Manston in a Fouga Magister!!), decided upon his return to Florennes to found his very own museum dedicated to the memory of Belgian and Allied aviators of the Second World War.

    The centrepiece of the Florennes Museum, you guessed it, is an original Mk XIV Spitfire featuring the original Griffon Engine (as opposed to the Merlin engine Spitfire Mk XVI on display at Manston).

    The goal of the visit was to strengthen ties between the two museums as there are already strong links between the two towns the museums sit in with Ramsgate and Chimay already being twinned. In order to promote the common links between our two museums it is hoped that in the future group tours can be arranged that will visit the two towns and their respective museums.

    After all Florennes, like Manston, has a very rich history of aviation and remains to this day the key base of the Belgian Air Force. The Musée Mémorial in Florennes beautifully illustrates this history through its fantastic collection of each of the major Belgian fighter aircrafts starting with the Spitfire Mk XIV and continuing all the way through to the F-16 Fighting Falcon which is currently Belgium’s front line fighter.

    The Mk XIV Spitfire on display at the Musee Memoriale de Florennes

    The Mk XIV Spitfire on display at the Musee Memoriale de Florennes

    If that wasn’t enough, the area surrounding Florennes is noted in Belgium as being an area of outstanding national beauty (as are the beaches and Hills of Kent) and to top it all off, Chimay is also home to what is arguably one of Belgium’s finest abbey brewed beers, two bottles of which were generously provided to, and enjoyed by, the Spitfire & Hurricane Museum by the twinning association of Chimay! (Also famous for its cheese, delicatessen, woods…)

    It is the hope of the Spitfire & Hurricane Museum and the Musée Mémorial Spitfire that we will be able to link our museums more closely in the future and we very much look forward to visiting Belgium in return to say hello to our new friends there.

  8. Events in September

    Dear Visitors and Supporters,
    We’re pleased to say that a number of stall holders have already booked into the Museum’s boot fair on Wednesday the 14th of September (5.50pm till 8pm). Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to enjoy our museum at twilight and you may even pick up one or two bargains!
    We hope to see you there.
    Also, please do come and see us for the Heritage Open Day on Saturday 10th September, a not-to-be-missed free family event. Let’s get hands on history!
    The Spitfire Museum
  9. Heritage Open Day

    Kids in Museum

    Ever wonder what it feels like to wear a full Battle of Britain pilot’s equipment or try on the webbing of a British Tommy? Want to get a close-up view of a real Spitfire and its cockpit? Want to know what people ate on the Home Front?

    If you do then the Spitfire Museum is the place to be on Saturday 10th September, 2016!

    Volunteer hosts will be providing a range of original WWII items and objects to look at, feel and try on. We will also, for one day only, be giving our visitors a close-up look Spitfire TB752’s cockpit. If you’re really lucky, you may even get to speak with people who actually fought and flew during the Second World War!

    In addition to these special activities, the museum will also be open as usual so you can enjoy a visit or relax in our memorial garden.

    A must if you have children, especially inquisitive ones! Event not suitable for children under the age of 5.

    The event is free of charge and will be running all day Saturday from 10am till 4pm.

  10. September at the Spitfire Museum

    Spitfire Shepherdneame

    The titanic struggle between the RAF and the Luftwaffe during the summer of 1940, the Battle of Britain, is rightfully commemorated as our country’s finest hour. A spectacular moment of defiance and courage amidst the bleak-sounding list of defeats suffered by the Allies at the start of the Second World War, the RAF and the British people stood as one in defence of our Island

    As we come into September, the Spitfire Museum, and many others across the nation will be commemorating the bravery and sacrifice of the young men and women who were embroiled in deadly ballet in the azure blue skies.

    There are several things to do at the Museum during the first weeks of September.

    On Saturday 10th of September, the Spitfire Museum will be supporting TDC’s Heritage Open Days (HoDs) with a one-off day of activities. There will be a whole array of original and Replica WW2 items ranging from rifles and pilot’s flying kit right through to rationed food for young and old alike to try on. We will also be having a veteran’s book and print signing event in the afternoon to raise funds for the museum and also provide a rare opportunity to speak with those who served during the Second World War. For those true aviation enthusiasts we will even have up close viewings of our Spitfire’s cockpit (but please don’t climb into the cockpit). All hosted by our fantastic volunteers who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the War, life on the Home Front and the technicalities of flying legendary planes such as the Spitfire, Dakota and Lancaster!

    On Wednesday the 14th of September there will be a boot fair at the museum from 6pm until 8pm, the ideal opportunity to turn your “trash” into “treasure”! Charges do apply but all proceeds will go to supporting the museum and the Museum itself will be open to visitors during the evening as well. (£7 per car in advance/£10 on the day or £12 per van in advance/£15 on the day)

    Finally, on Thursday the 15th of September at 12 noon the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) will be holding their annual service to commemorate those who fell during 1939-45 so that we, today, might live in peace.

    We very much look forward to welcome all our supporters and visitors to join us at the museum! After all, your support means that we can continue our mission to commemorate, engage and inspire our visitors through the stories of the men and women of World War 2.

Donations are very gratefully received. Not only because they let us know that we enjoy the support and interest of our visitors but also because, like many charities, we can claim Gift Aid support which could add an additional 20% to our donated income.



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