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  1. Simulator Installed and Functioning!

    Dear Visitors,

    As you may have noticed from the excellent Isle of Thanet News, the Spitfire Museum now has a functioning Spitfire Simulator!

    As of April, visitors will be able to book flights in the museum’s simulator which conveniently sits right next to TB752 (the Manston Spitfire), in case reference is needed :).

    Why the long wait I hear you ask? Well, in order to ensure the best possible experience for our visitors we want to make sure that our instructors are fully trained up on the simulator, that any teething issues are dealt with and that we have a robust and reliable booking system.

    Keep an eye on this website and the Facebook page: for updates and news.


    The Spitfire Museum


  2. Simulator Secured for Spitfire Museum!!

    The Spitfire Museum is pleased to say that we have gratefully received a £6000.00 donation from the Linbury Trust!

    This donation has completed the target funding required to install the base unit of the Spitfire Simulator and we are immensely grateful that so many of our local businesses, visitors and stakeholders have helped us reach our target.

    £15,000.0 in 3 months is a fantastic first in the fundraising history of the Spitfire Museum and we are excited that this will be used to improve our visitor experience by offering people the chance to get an idea of what it is like to fly a Spitfire!

    That said, we wouldn’t want to discourage further donations!

    The £15,000.00 secures the component parts of the simulator and allows us to be on target for launching this new experience to the public in April next year. BUT any additional donations will allow us to upgrade our simulator in the future by opening up access to newly developed software and the very exciting possibility of linking the simulator to Virtual Reality technology to make for a truly unique experience.

    We would like to thank everyone who donated to this project for your generous support and we also want to thank all the trustees, volunteers, and staff who braved wind, rain and sun to raise funds and all those who’s wrists are still sore from writing over 120 letters!!

    Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for updates and news as to when the simulator will be open for business! (


  3. The Manston Spitfire Experience FB page launched!

    The Manston Spitfire Experience Logo - Large

    The Spitfire Museum is pleased to report that the dedicated “Manston Spitfire Experience” Facebook page has been launched today!

    This page will be dedicated to raising funds and sharing progress on how the Museum is doing in installing a 1/1 scale Spitfire Cockpit complete with WW2 style controls from which visitors will be able to fly the Museum’s Spitfire in a simulator.

    We hope that the simulator will help answer the age old question many of our visitors ask, which is: “What was it like to fly a Spitfire?”

    Please share with your friends and please donate too. The sooner we raise £15,000 the sooner we can install the Spitfire Simulator! Currently we are hoping we can get it installed in time for the RAF Centenary in April next year!

    For more information and to see the fundraising progress, please go to Facebook and search: @ManstonSpitfireExperience

    Thanks in advance for your generous support!!


    The Spitfire Museum


Donations are very gratefully received. Not only because they let us know that we enjoy the support and interest of our visitors but also because, like many charities, we can claim Gift Aid support which could add an additional 20% to our donated income.



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