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The Spitfire & Hurricane Museum was founded in 1981 and the first hall (the Spitfire Hall), costing £35,000 was built with money raised from the local population. The Hurricane Hall, built in 1989 also owes its existence to support from the local population. Since 1989, the museum has remained a free attraction solely due to public support as the museum is entirely self-funding and does not enjoy public (i.e.: National or Local Government) support.

Did you know that annually it costs the museum...

  • £26,228 in staffing and training costs to ensure the museum is run efficiently provides a ever-changing display to its visitors, is maintained, developed and can raise funds.
  • £14,364 in general repairs and maintenance to safeguard the collection and provide adequate visitor services.
  • £11,713 in collections costs to ensure the collection can be displayed and engaged with by the general public. A single display case costs £4,880
  • £11,001 in utilities bills to ensure the museum has adequate utilities to open.

These key services plus the additional expenses of operating a visitor attraction in the UK means that the museum in general costs £93,000 a year to run. Yet the Museum makes...

  • £27,000 from the shop.
  • £26,000 from the café.
  • £23,000 in donations.

These three sources of income mean that the museum makes £76,000 a year to support its work.

The museum is currently surviving but only narrowly.

So how can you help to raise the additional £20,000 and allow the museum to expand its services?

1. Donating

Donations are very gratefully received. Not only because they let us know that we enjoy the support and interest of our visitors but also because, like many charities, we can claim Gift Aid support which could add an additional 20% to our donated income.

You can donate:

  • On-site in one of our many collection boxes.
  • On-line via this link

  • Corporate. If you represent a business and would like to support the work of the Spitfire Museum we are always happy to discuss a mutually beneficial outcome. We will happily advertise the support your business or company has donated, financial or otherwise. In fact some of the most useful donations, i.e.: re-fitting facilities, laying paths and fencing in the past have been made by companies. An additional benefit is that as we're a charity, your donation will not only be gratefully received by the museums, but our visitors will know of your business and supporting us can be a rewarding way for both large and small companies to show their support and give back to the community.
  • Legacy. We hope that all our visitors enjoy long, healthy and happy lives but when the times comes and you feel you would like to support the Museum's work in the future even after you're gone, you might wish to consider a legacy.
  • Objects; Despite the museum being very tight for space, some objects are still able to be accepted (following strict guidelines) for display purposes. Alternatively, people often donate prints to our shop for sale to raise funds for the charity.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering with the Spitfire Museum can be a very rewarding way to spend spare time. Volunteers are essential to the museum's survival and often the first point of contact for visitors. There are a great many volunteering roles such as running the shop and generating income for our charity, maintenance and gardening to make sure the museum is presentable and functional at all times and hosting visitors and booked groups by answering questions or getting them to engage with our collection.

None of these really suit me? Not to worry, a great many specific roles (education, marketing, fundraising, etc.) are also undertaken by volunteers. So whatever your interest we can usually find something for you.

Apart from being vital to the future of the Museum, volunteering can also be rewarding in many other ways. It's very useful for those looking to meet up with like-minded individuals, spend some time in a pleasant environment or, indeed, even as good experience to put on a CV to bolster your transferable skills set. Finally, volunteers enjoy free teas and coffees and 15% off in our shop.

3. Talk about us

Did you know that 60% of people who have been recommended an attraction by one of their friends and colleagues are likely to visit themselves? Word of mouth is the best way to advertise so please tell everyone you know to visit our Museum, especially as it's free to visit!

4. Buying in the shop and café

All profits from souvenirs sold in the shop go directly to our charity as does 12% of every cup of tea, coffee, slice of cake or meal purchased in the café. So, just by eating at the museum and buying a souvenir mug you are already supporting our museum and have something to take home with you at the end of your day!

Support The Museum

Help us build a Spitfire simulator at the Museum.

Our exciting new project that will hopefully answer, in part, the age old question of “what is was like to fly a Spitfire”.

Help us bring the Spitfire experience to Manston

You can help by donating either via our collection boxes or online via this link.

» Read more about simulator fund raising project.